The Faculty of Civil Engineering is the oldest in Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University(NPI) and in the South of Russia, it originates from the Warsaw (Russian) Polytechnic Institute, founded in 1898. Its leading employees were sent to Novocherkassk as part of the Don Polytechnic Institute (DPI), which was opened on October 5 (18), 1907, becoming the first higher education institution in the South of Russia

 Among the first four faculties of DPI, a completely new faculty was opened both in name and in essence. The faculty was assigned the task formulated in the "Presentation of the case on the opening of the Don Polytechnic Institute in Novocherkassk" - "to create cadres of technically educated people to manage engineering work in the field of land improvements." The basis for the preparation of a new type of engineers, along with courses in mathematical and engineering disciplines, was the study of natural-historical and agronomic sciences.  The curricula of the faculty included courses in architecture, geodesy, structural mechanics, crystallography, machine parts, hydraulic engineering, and agriculture.  Engineers were trained to work not only in the field of land reclamation, but also in the field of road and bridge construction, urban architecture and agronomy. Among the first departments of the Don Polytechnic Institute, opened on October 18, 1907  in Novocherkassk, there was a Department of Engineering and Construction Sciences, on the basis of which special departments were opened that provided training for engineers on the construction cycle, such as "Construction Production", "Architecture", "Building Structures".

The Department of TPC and SE ("Town Planning, Civil and Structural Engineering") was organized on November 1, 2018 at the Department of Construction and Architecture, which produced specialists and bachelors in the program of Urban Construction and Economy for 20 years.

The TPC and SE department conducts training and it is a graduate in all levels of the following program of Construction: Bachelor, Master, Specialty and Postgraduate Studies. Training is conducted in extramural and intramural form of study. Students of the specialty have repeatedly been winners of regional competitions, graduation projects and republican competitions SSRP, competitions grants.

Scientific direction of the department is "Computer optimization, resource-saving calculations and management of the state of building structures and foundations of buildings and structures"

For many years the Interuniversity Design Bureau (IDB) worked under the supervision of the candidate of architecture professor A.A.  Tumasova, who not only dealt with scientific problems and the design of real objects, but also was the basis for educational practices of students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Among the most recent projects implemented by the IDB is the construction of the Educational and Library Complex SRSPU(NPI).


As of January 1, 2019, the department has 14 research and teaching staff, 76% of which have academic degrees and titles, including 8 (57%) candidates of science and 4 professors, 2 doctors of technical sciences (14%).  Educational support staff is 2 people.

Brief description of the department

Training program



08.03.01 Civil construction – 4 years – intramural form of study

08.04.01 Civil construction (Master’s degree) 2 years - intramural form of study, 2,5 years – extramural form of study

08.05.01 Construction of unique buildings and structures – 6 years – intramural form of study

08.06.01 Civil construction (postgraduate degree) 4 years - intramural form of study

Scientific research


The department of TPC and SE conducts research activities on computer optimization, resource-saving calculations and the management of the state of building structures and foundations of buildings and structures under the supervision of Professor, D.E.S.  G.M Skibin.  The scientific program in construction has developed since the founding of the SRSTU(NPI). The founders of the scientific program were famous scientists, professors: N. Abramov, A. N. Dinnik, A. Korobov, L. Vorobyev, I. Durov.  Currently the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel of higher qualification is conducted through the postgraduate study of Platov South-Russian PolyTechnic University (NPI) in the scientific specialties of the 06.06.01 "Construction": "Foundation engineering, underground constructions", "Construction design, buildings and structures". Scientific supervisors of graduate students and applicants are professor, D.E.S. Gaydzhurov P.P., professor, D.E.S. Buzalo N.A., professor, D.T.S. Evtushenko S.I. etc. In recent years, the number of graduate students has significantly increased.


  The fundamental nature and theoretical significance of the research carried out in the scientific program of the department is evidenced by the fact that as a result of these multifaceted research doctoral dissertations are being carried out and international conferences are being held.


 The department has a wide scientific and pedagogical relations with leading universities and research institutes, institutions of Russia.


 Performing basic research in this area contributes to an increase in the level of training of graduates, as well as the selection of the most talented of them, who usually received diplomas with honors, for postgraduate studies. The research results are widely used in the educational process (in master's theses and lecture courses) including in published textbooks.


 For five years from 2011 to 2018, the department’s staff published a total number of: 3 monographs, more than 70 textbooks on various courses, 25 articles in the central press, 112 abstracts of reports at international, all-Russian and regional scientific and technical conferences; 6 patents of the Russian Federation for inventions and registration certificates of programs were received.


 A close creative relationship is maintained with the Volgograd State University of Civil Engineering, the Research Institute of Building Physics (RIBP Moscow); "Sevkav NIPI Agroprom", "Rostovteploelektroproekt", "NPO Interbiotekh" (Rostov-on-Don).


 Students of the department are working on the implementation of scientific and innovative work in the SRCL of the department. Annually a computer graphics competition "Virtual Home" is held.

  • Subject Olympiads of the University are held annually, and the winners of the Olympiads participate in regional and All-Russian competitions for the best knowledge of their future profession. The best diploma projects regularly place high prizes at regional competitions of course and diploma projects.